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Media kit

Who we are

To pan-regional media professionals who seek to strategically reach key Latin American audiences across the region, GDA is the leading group of media brands specialized in news and information, which delivers media solutions through print, digital, and mobile platforms.

GDA was founded in 1991, by leading newspapers in Latin America, representing the most trusted source for news and information in the region. Our Media Houses have a leading position in each of our countries; our deep knowledge of our audiences has permitted our media brands to have a leading position in each of the market segments they serve. Our network has over 2,700 of the most experienced journalists in Latin America delivering premium content, developing new products, and increasing the reach of our current brands. We offer a variety of products to choose from to reach your audience.

Today GDA is a consortium of 12 leading independent media, integrated into a network of interaction and trust that promotes sustainability and innovation through the exchange of knowledge, best practices and journalistic and business collaborations, to strengthen democracy and make America Latin a region more prosperous, more united, more informed and more humane every day.

Our Audiences and Brands

Our portfolio of media brands is built on robust newspapers with over 100 years of experience, and significant audience loyalty and homogeneity. GDA’s stable trajectory and solid performance has resulted in proven reach for our clients. Our main newspapers are: La Nación (Argentina), O Globo (Brasil), El Mercurio (Chile), El Tiempo (Colombia), La Nación (Costa Rica), La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador), El Universal (México), El Comercio (Perú), El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico), Listín Diario (República Dominicana), El País (Uruguay), and El Nacional (Venezuela).

Our newspapers are read daily by well educated readers with high purchasing power.

In addition to our leading newspapers we have over 150 niche publications as well as the leading news and information sites in our countries.

Our portfolio of products extends across eleven different countries and across three different media platforms – print, digital, and mobile. We offer customized media solutions that increase the return on your communications investment.

What We Do

Our media products play a very important role in informing and influencing the public opinion of each of the 12 countries we reach. Our audiences are made up mainly of individuals with higher education, income, and spending power.
Our readership is comprised of highly educated individuals with the financial resources and decision-making power to generate strong sales results. With a potential market of 500 million people, GDA is a great option for advertisers to reach decision makers in a very efficient manner. These are the audiences that you want to reach if you want to make an impact.

What We Offer

With over 5 million people reading our print editions every day, and over 200 million unique users visiting our websites and 1,000 million page views each month, we enable media professionals to maximize their returns. We have the experience, trust, and knowledge about our audiences. We understand where, how, and when they consume our media, so we can help you develop a very effective media strategy.
We can work with you to ensure your message reaches your key Latin American audiences in the most effective manner possible. We can help your brand succeed in Latin America.

La Nación Argentina O Globo Brasil El Mercurio Chile
El Tiempo Colombia La Nación Costa Rica La Prensa Gráfica El Salvador
El Universal México El Comercio Perú El Nuevo Dia Puerto Rico
Listin Diario República
El País Uruguay El Nacional Venezuela